I see London, I see France


Jet-lagged, trusting sophomore tenors with our gowns and tuxes, & warming up for our concerts in the coach, we traveled around England and France for our Madrigal Choir’s Europe Tour. Beautiful acoustics and sick singers in Ely Cathedral, a life changing performance in Chelmsford, catching eyes (and ears) of visitors and tour guides in Notre Dame, & the bittersweet feeling of our last concert in La Madeleine while listening to the rain and thunder outside on the Paris streets. We found ourselves arguing about what songs to rehearse, crying over never singing ‘Hymn to St. Cecilia’ and ‘Hide and Seek’ again, & appreciating our choral director’s own tears as he conducted us through our last song. Such an odd assortment of people with different personalities and interests, but who were brought together by the most simple yet incredibly moving passion for creating music.

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